The heartbeat of every hotel is its people. The brains, the PMS. And, the nervous system is the hotel network. With IPFone as your technology partner, you can rest easy as we expertly manage a wide range of network solutions for you. Consider IPFone your complete hospitality service provider.

IPFone can provide:

  • Circuits – SIP trunks, voice, data, converged
  • Cabling infrastructure – copper, coax, fiber, PONS
  • Network – core switches, routers, redundancy, support and maintenance
  • Voice as a Service
  • Internet Access – guest WiFi, Admin access
  • 24×7 NOC Support


Integrated Voice & Data Service SIP Trunks vs. PRI

IPFone Integrated Voice & Data Service enables hotels to save money by consolidating voice and data services over a single broadband Internet connection. Traditionally, hotel phone systems were powered by PRI’s made up of 23 channels. No more, no less. You had to buy 23 at a time. SIP trunks can be purchased one at a time, allowing your hotel to scale as demand dictates. The dramatic cost savings, coupled with voice quality and reliability that equals or even surpasses traditional phone providers is making SIP trunks the logical choice.

Integrated Voice & Data Service

IPFone’s Integrated Voice & Data Service is a cost effective solution that works with your existing PBX equipment. With IPFone’s Integrated Voice, customers save up to 45% over traditional phone service while optimizing bandwidth for greater efficiency. IPFone’s Integrated Voice & Data Service combines voice and data over a single connection, usually T1 or Metro Ethernet connection, delivering up to 50 and more concurrent calls through your existing PBX phone system.

  • Voice and data share one circuit instead of buying both separately.
  • Buy only the lines or trunks you need for efficient growth management.
  • Voice compression and dynamic bandwidth allocation optimize bandwidth usage for greater efficiency.
  • Low-cost long-distance calling plans that share minutes enterprise-wide and carry forward unused minutes.
  • Access to hosted services to improve productivity and mobility.
  • Enjoy the benefit of IP’s disaster recovery. In the event of a disaster calls can quickly be rerouted to an unaffected location or a secondary device of the users choosing.


The most important factor in any hotel technology deployment is cabling. Cabling is the infrastructure, the foundation, and without a sound cabling plan installed correctly, all technology solutions riding over it will fail. And, ever growing guest demands on bandwidth, WiFi coverage and streaming video, to name just a few, require hotels to revisit their cable plant over and over, unless done right the first time.

IPFone can tackle any cabling issue, from new builds to renovations and retrofits. This includes CAT5, CAT5e and CAT6; includes fiber risers and fiber to the room; includes A/V wiring, and can extend to custom and specialty cabling systems.

IPFone designs and installs cabling plans that support:

  • Wired & Wireless Internet Access
  • Both premise based and VoIP telephony
  • FTG TV as well as On Demand solutions
  • CCTV
  • A/V and meeting rooms
  • Service Tracking Systems
  • RF Room Security
  • Energy Management


IPFone is very capable of providing both hotel networks, the back office, or admin network, and the guest facing network. We posses expertise in hospitality specific software and knowledge of the nuances between administrative and guest facing networks. We leverage Cisco validated designs when implementing networks for our clients. We provide everything, from firewalls, to Network IOS; from routers, servers and switches, to network security.

Our customers find comfort in knowing that our network supports their network. The IPFone network is fully and multi-redundant, carrier-class with automatic failover. It sits in multiple co-llocation sites all with 100% SLA’s for power and environmental issues.

IPFone, your hospitality IT solutions company.

Voice as a Service

Rest Easy with IPFone as Your Technology Partner

Hoteliers have become accustom to spending 5- or 6-figures on a premise based phone system, and then paying the same vendor to maintain that system while paying other companies for trunk lines and phone calls. All of this is capital intensive and fluctuating every month.

IPFone offers hoteliers a new way to provide communications to staff and guests alike. This new way is Voice as a Service (VaaS). VaaS combines IPFone’s skillsets and expertise with Broadsoft’s global leading platform to provide voice communications bundled in a service business model. Now hoteliers can safely, affordably and confidently remove their legacy PBX’s and replace it with a dynamic, feature rich, customizable communications platform for much less cost.

IPFone, your hospitality service provider.

Internet Access

The demand for bandwidth doubles every 9 months. Hotel guests bring 2, 3 or 4 or more devices each that need connection to the Internet. Guests demand free WiFi. Guests now want to stream video from their devices to guestroom TVs. Hotel staff now use handheld devices to perform their tasks or provide service that require connectivity as well. Soon, the Internet of Things (IoT) will require networks to support hundreds or thousands of more devices in single environments, to billions more globally.

IPFone continues to have it’s finger on the pulse of change, especially when it comes to networks and their applications. We can design and build a network that can affordably meet the requirements of today while able to be easily enhanced to meet the demands of tomorrow. From traditionally placed access points down hallways to putting an AP in every guestroom and creating Personal Area Networks, IPFone is your partner. Tiered bandwidth, multiple billing platforms, brand extension through custom splash pages, network management, and, 24×7 multi-lingual guest support are the foundations of our solution.

IPFone, your one stop hospitality internet service provider.

Support 24x7x365

Hotels are a 24x7x365 business, and so is IPFone. We provide full support to both hoteliers, and where applicable, to their guests. Our support staff is multi-lingual and can handle all staff related issues, system troubles, and guest requests.

Please also ask us about our Conference Center support services.

Contact Us for online support, or call 855-GO-IPFONE for live support.