Future Proof Your Communications

IPFone owns a a direct relationship with Broadsoft and the Broadsoft Hospitality Group removing the middle man which lowers our prices against our competitors. We have 18 years of first hand experience with the Broadsoft platform, selling, installing and maintaining it in hundreds of client locations, throughout the America’s.

When compared to a traditional premised PBX, our hosted Broadsoft solution places less equipment on site, provides more levels of redundancy, is configured specifically for hotels, and, provides a service that includes all enhancements and upgrades.

Our solution includes full PMS integration, voice mail, call accounting, and a vast array of other hotel specific features.

Hoteliers are all provided with a wide selection of both admin and guestroom phone types to choose from, analog or IP.

With flexible billing options, hoteliers can now truly contract for voice as a service instead of sinking significant money into a stand alone box in the basement.

System Features

IPFone and Broadsoft offer hoteliers at a minimum virtually all of the same features as premise based PBXs. In fact, there are more features in a hosted solution. Click here for a brochure of features that you can download. In it you will see groupings of features, such as:

  • Individual phone users – including automatic hold, call forwarding, call trace, call waiting, distinctive ringing, Outlook integration, remote office, and many more.
  • Group features – auto attendant and video auto attendant, call center, instant group call, messages on hold, and much more.
  • Enterprise wide – enterprise voice mail and call centers; vastly improved from premise based
  • Conferencing
  • Messaging – voice mail and video
  • Regulatory – lawful intercept, malicious call trace, 911

Hosted vs. Premise Based Phone Systems

ROI and TCO Analysis

Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis is a bit tricky when comparing hosted to premise based voice solutions.

The first issue has to do with ROI which suggests that there is revenue to offset costs. Whereas guest generated phone revenue used to be upwards of 3% of total revenue, today it is negligible. Leveraging a hosted platform that could provide revenue generating, personalized communications with guests throughout their lifecycle is possible, but as of yet doesn’t have enough data to forecast it. So, hosted solutions do have an upside on ROI compared to premise based.

The biggest consideration regarding TCO is to determine the span of years it should be measured over. Simply put, if one measures TCO over 10 or 15 years, a premise based solution will win out. However, this doesn’t take into consideration all of the feature set upgrades a hosted solution will provide in that time period. Upgrading premise based solutions often requires significant costs, but in a hosted environment could be free, or close to it. So, a TCO measurement over a 3 to 5 year period will result in the hosted solution prevailing.

To perform this comparison:

From a premise based solution, calculate on an annual basis, or, for example, from Year 1 through Year 5:

Total cost of equipment; ie. Lease payments, hardware purchases, hardware replacements
Cost of buying and/or maintaining Call Accounting, Voicemail software
Total cost of support; whether that be 24×7 or Time & Materials
Total cost of phone lines (T1, PRI, etc.) and outbound traffic
From a hosted based solution, calculate on an annual basis, or for example, from Year 1 through Year 5:

Total cost of equipment, which may be amortized with the license fees
Total cost of licenses, which may include support, talk paths and future upgrades